How To Make Rattan Placemats?
How To Make Rattan Placemats? Making rattan placemats can be a creative and rewarding DIY project. Here's a simple guide to help you make your own rattan placemats:
  1. Rattan reeds or cane (available at craft stores)
  2. Scissors or pruning shears
  3. Ruler or measuring tape
  4. Pencil
  5. Glue (preferably a strong adhesive suitable for bonding natural materials)
  6. Clamps
  7. Clear sealant or varnish (optional)


  1. Prepare the Rattan:
    • Purchase rattan reeds or cane from a craft store. They come in various thicknesses, so choose the size that suits your preferences.
    • Soak the rattan in water for a few hours to make it more pliable. This step will make it easier to work with.

  2. Measure and Cut:
    • Measure the desired size for your placemats using a ruler or measuring tape.
    • Use a pencil to mark the measured lengths on the rattan.

  3. Cut the Rattan:
    • Use scissors or pruning shears to cut the rattan along the marked lines. Be careful to make clean and straight cuts.

  4. Arrange the Strips:
    • Lay out the cut rattan strips side by side to create the desired width for your placemat. You can create a simple square or rectangle shape, or experiment with more intricate designs.

  5. Glue the Strips:
    • Apply a strong adhesive glue to the edges of the rattan strips where they meet. Press the strips together firmly, creating a bonded surface. Wipe away any excess glue immediately.

  6. Clamp and Dry:
    • Use clamps to hold the rattan strips together while the glue dries. Follow the recommended drying time specified on the glue's packaging.

  7. Trim Excess:
    • After the glue has dried, trim any excess rattan sticking out from the edges for a neat and uniform finish.

  8. Optional: Seal or Varnish:
    • If you want to protect your rattan placemats and give them a finished look, you can apply a clear sealant or varnish. Make sure to choose a product that is suitable for use on natural materials.

  9. Allow to Cure:
    • Allow the placemats to cure completely before using them. This may involve letting them sit for a day or two, depending on the glue and sealant used.

  10. Enjoy Your Rattan Placemats:
    • Once the placemats are fully cured, they are ready to use. Place them on your dining table to add a touch of natural and handmade charm to your dining space.

Experiment with different patterns, shapes, and colors to create unique rattan placemats that suit your style and preferences.